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This is the first time I’m writing an article in English on my blog (hopefully it will also be the last one). Sorry to all uninvolved and innocent readers who have to bear my horrible English but I simply WANT to do it!

To give a short background explanation: when I lived and worked in Bavaria I had a collegue from the States named Chad. I would not say that we were the biggest friends but we got along very well with each other! During the time in Erdweg/Wiedenzhausen Herr Olsen and I also met his „former“ girl-friend Wendy and I really liked her from the first minute! In 2005 we moved to North-Rhine Westphalia and lost contact for a long time.
I don’t know when and how but one day I found out that Chad moved back to the States and I think someone of my old colleagues from Valeo gave his current E-Mail adress to me. We wrote some Mails and again we lost contact…
In September 2009 I found Wendy on facebook and until that time a lot of emails and messages were exchanged between us. Meanwhile Chad and Wendy got married and had two lovely daughters named Lola and Lucy.

Today we received a package from the USA and curious as I am I opened it immediately.
I don’t know how to describe my thoughts when I saw the content. I believe it was something like „Are they nuts?!!!“ I knew that Wendy grabbed a birthday package for Finn but what they finally sent us is absolutely incredible!

Without Words

A Spongebob Squarepants cake pan, birthday candle and icing. A cake decorating book, decorating bags and couplers from my beloved Wilton Industries, pancake waffle mix, aspirin (always important to have – especially for me!!), two bottles Wick NyQuil – I can’t believe that you remembered that!! – my secret recipe against flu AND Skechers „Hot-Lights“!!

But this is not the end! There is something which means a bit more to me than all these fantastic and amazing things I mentioned above. Something Lola sent to Finn:

Flat Stanley

You can see the explanation of „Flat Stanley“ here (like always „click makes big“):

Lola's Letter

This is sooooooo cute!!

But especially the last paragraph made big tears run over my cheek! Unfortunately I don’t know Lola and Lucy, I only saw them on pictures at fb – and although there are lots of times Herr Olsen and I talk about visting Chad, Wendy, Lola and Lucy – this was the point Lolas letter made me also wish to be like Flat Stanley that someone could send me to this great family so I can hold them in my arms to say THANK YOU! Thank you for thinking of us, for the lot of work you have by choosing the things you’ve sent us and thank you for being friends!!

PS to Wendy: 1. The bill for the Skechers is missing! Where’s the bill??
2. We urgently have to find a cheaper way to send packages!!

8 comments to Speechless!

  • Frau Theis

    I thought you hate Spongebob !!! ????
    Now you also have to say that he’s fantastic !

  • Wendy

    Sabine – your English in this blog is fantastic!! I would attempt to post my reply in German; however, I’m sure that nobody would be able to understand anything that I’m trying to say and that it would end up being a disaster! :)

    We are so glad that you received your package in plenty of time before Finn’s birthday! We are also very happy that you and your family were so happy with the contents! Your expressed gratitude was too kind, but taken completely to heart!! Your reaction makes us VERY happy. :)

    Frau Theis: I must say that the “adult” hatred for Spongebob knows no geographical boundaries! We cannot stand him either and I’m sure that wouldn’t matter whether I was watching him in English or German :) However, Sabine said that he was one of Finn’s favorite characters. So, I figured Finn would be very happy to have a Spongebob cake for his birthday (made by Mommy) …… and Sabine would be very happy because she gets to cut Spongebob into tiny little pieces when it’s all said and done. It’s the best of both worlds from both perspectives :)

    Sabine, you did not receive a receipt/bill for the shoes because they are a birthday gift for Finn from us. There is NO WAY you are sending us any money for any of that stuff!!! If you’ll recall, you have sent our family some awesome gifts as well (By the way, I LOVE my knife and use is EVERY day!!) The only thing that I could ever ask for is to know that we did well in picking out the stuff that we sent!! Knowing that everyone was happy with the contents makes us very happy and is all we could have hoped for!!

    Lola was so happy so send Flat Stanley to Finn! You’ll have to make sure that Finn decorates his Flat Stanley as well and sends it Lola so that she can return the favor! They can be “pen pals” :)

    Hopefully we’ll get over there to visit with you and your family in the near future, I would like that a lot! It’s been too long since we last had a beer together :) As always, you know that our house is open to you and your family as well in the event that you plan a trip to the States at any time!

    I do agree that we have to find a cheaper way to get packages back and forth to one another though … the shipping costs are CRAZY!!

    PS – you’ll have to send me a picture of Spongebob when he’s all done :)

    Hugs to you and yours. We’ll talk soon,

  • Das ist aber schön! Und ja, die shayz Portogebühren sind der Horror. Schon nach Schottland zahlt man sich dumm und dämlich.

    @ Wendy: Love your thoughts about the Spongebob cake!!!

  • Time to let the „Adults like spongebob too“-party speak! I will protect this handsome little sponge from being cut into pieces with my life! Never shalt thou hurt marine beings that wear pants and live in pineapples!
    If you should try to mess with spongebob I will sing the spongebob opener all day and night.
    Ooooohhhhh who lives in a pineapple under the sea???….

  • FrauOlsen

    @ Frau Theis: I don’t like Spongebob! But it’s exactly the way Wendy said: Finn will be happy to have a Spongebob birthday cake and I’ll be happy to bake with Wilton products! What more could I ask for?

    @ Wendy: I don’t know what went wrong with your answer here. Did you solve the math question (spam protection)?
    However…I still don’t know what to say. I’m so curious about Finns mien when he gets the cake and the shoes…! Today, when it was time for him to go to bed I told him that he received a package for his birthday from far far away. And that friends of us who don’t know him sent him presents. You should have seen his eyes…wide open…“Oh! This is really nice! I must send them something back to say thank you!“ And than he wanted to get up again to find something he could sent to you …immediately!
    Regarding the bill: You’re crazy! But I’ll accept it…
    What are you doing each day with a cooking knife?? No! Don’t answer! I’m not sure if I really want to know that!
    Finn will decorate his Flat Stan and send it back to Lola!. He loves to paint pictures and the idea behind Flat Stan will be fascinating for him!
    So when will you come? Next week to Finns birthday?? All doors and windows are wide open for you!
    We will see! If there will be a time we can afford the flight be sure the Olsens will enter your house and turn it upside down!
    I’ll sent pictures. Promised!
    Time to say goodnight now – thanks a lot again! Kisses to everyone…

    @die_schottin: Hey! You’re a native speaker! Translate it into english! Instantly!
    On both sides (Germany-US and US-Germany) we paid around 35 – 40 Euro. What do you have to pay for packages to Scotland?

  • ChrisBee

    only one word: great!!!!

  • Frau Theis

    Hey Sabine,
    I love you from the heart and make your hair always look beautiful. Is there any chance for me to get this gorgeous Olsen-Wendy-Spongebob-birthdaycake to my birthday at 22 of may ?? Looks like my little nephew and me have the same taste.

  • wow, mrs. olsen, i am happy to read some words from you in english. it’s always something special when not only words go away to another coutry, no, even the heart follows the persons, you like. I met my cousin only via email, she lives in australia and a big wish is to visit her one time…… maybe my wish will come true…. who knows?

    i krieg grad voll die gänsehaut! :-) ich freu mich und versucht, den kontakt beizubehalten!

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